Is there anything more exciting in literature than starting a new series? Yes, the old, familiar faithful are nice. I am very loyal to a few ladies in mystery and paranormal romance (JR Ward, Charlaine Harris, you know who you are). But sometimes when you read the third or fourth installment in a beloved series […]


Sunday marks twelve years I have succeeded in not killing my husband (and he has not killed me). It’s not our wedding anniversary – the big 10 year one is in June – it will be the day we ‘officially’ started dating. We were kinda seeing each other the week prior, but he didn’t ask […]

The Company You Keep

The husband and I had a outing over the weekend that focused on fishing. Not my thing but hey I like the guy and I had a fully loaded Kindle (gotta love thousands of books conveniently carried in one slim tablet). The weather was awesome cool Autumn crispness. The leaves were ablaze with color and […]

The ‘Awkward’ Feminine Mystic

Awkward is funny. (It is usually funniest to those witnessing -not partaking in the awkward situation.) Uncomfortable awkward scenarios is the bread and butter of most sitcoms and romantic comedies. However, some situations can only be fully appreciated by the fairer sex. I encounter these situations with some regularity, but it wasn’t until recently I […]

A Lost Book is Sad

Watching movie trailers usually leads to more books on my reading list. Case in point, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I saw the preview on a Friday night date; Saturday morning, I had the book by the same name check out with my library card. I’m not scared enough of the Young Adult section to […]

I want this woman to be my Grandma

What’s worse? Your daughter writing paranormal romance…or your grandmother? I had my own apprehension and minor embarrassment when I revealed I wrote a book about ‘vampires having sex’. But I empathize with children of 70+ year old writer of “mommy porn” (that term makes me uncomfortable). Under the pen-name, Desiree Holt has published over 100 […]

Summer Can’t Read a Calendar

So, the official start of summer is June 21, 2013. My thermometer says it’s already here. So does my bookshelf. I tend to go to the library more in the summer. I guess it’s the weather. The long daylight hours trick me into thinking I can get more done. A sure sign you are getting […]