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Be Mine (Reviewer)?

I am six months old…as an author. Well, published for six months anyway. I’ve been writing for years. (Just didn’t realize I was writing a book until it was finished.) Last February, my debut novel ‘Solstice Night‘ was released. In the weeks building up to the release, my publisher and I did our best to […]

Outline @ The End

I do not outline. Or at least not when you are supposed to outline, which is, before the story is written. I tried that. I was forced to do that in school. It was fine for essays and research papers, yet horrid for fiction. Outlines made my stories too formulated. It also made me make […]

The Beginning

Debut Paranormal Romance Solstice Night I started scribbling. I needed something to do between classes. I needed a non-academic activity for my brain to unwind. After a few weeks, I had a story. In less than a year, my first novel was finished. No one knew I was writing. It was my private pass time. […]