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When You Write Too Much

This week I was a guest blogger on Romance Junkies. I wrote about the differences in short stories and my first ‘FREE READ’. You can visit my post live or read below. +++ There are two natures to the Short Story: The Independent and The Companion. The Independent is a self-contained universe. The story requires […]

My Book is NOT like Twilight

My vampires are not in High School. My vampires have fangs and do not sparkle. My vampires would eat Edward Cullen’s face. There, now I feel better. I have actually read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight trilogy. Bella is much more likable in the books. The books appeal to the teenage angst and awkwardness we all experienced. […]

Excerpt – Chapter One

Solstice Night is now available for Purchase http://www.melange-books.com/authors/bcsirrom/solsticenight.html Prologue 1099 Jerusalem A small woman dressed like a beggar sat by the fountain. Locks of her shorn raven hair peeked out from under her veils. She was beautiful and sad. She didn’t ask for alms. “Here, lady.” A flower seller, a boy of twelve, handed her […]