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Remove and Engage

During the past year, I have taken major steps to advance myself professionally (not with writing, but my ‘real’ life). That has meant weeks lost in study, sacrifice and patience on the part of my husband, and generally having to act like a mature adult. But eventually, I studied all I possibly could and I […]

What’s Your Monster?

I can barely believe that it has been a year since I collaborated and helped publish “All the Lovely Creatures”. It was a free anthology of fantasy and horror undertaken by GoodReads group, Paranormal & Horrors Lovers. It was a great experience. All of the writers were enthusiastic and supportive throughout the process. One of […]

Reading Rut

Ever get sick of everything you are reading? Do you have seven unfinished books currently on your Kindle? Are you just bored? I am embarrassed to say I am there…Sorta (My husband’s gonna kill me.) I am at time between major book releases. Authors like Charlaine Harris and J. R. Ward have published their Spring […]

National Novel Writing Month…am I brave enough?

November is National Novel Writing Month.(Yep! It was news to me, too.) Writing a novel in a month sounds crazy impossible and recklessly fun. I saw a post on NaNoWriMo (not-so-short for National Novel Writing Month) on Catherine, Caffeinated (see why it’s good to read other people’s blogs). However, on her post she rants against […]

There are (Worms) in my (Refrigerator)……..context

(This is the odd way my mind works. For those who know me, you understand.) This post is about the importance of context and the odd revelations when it is left out. I’ve started a sci-fi fantasy (yes, with romance…hey! love is universal 🙂 ) As I write, I get to create new worlds, creatures […]

You Look Fetching in Chain Mail

(I swear I am not starting a Kristen Stewart blog ) ‘Snow White and the Huntsman‘ is amazing. It may seem silly, but going to the movies is a big deal to me. Ticket prices are high and run times are long. A movie has to look spectacular for me to want to watch it […]