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Feeling Festive!

It may be 60 Degrees outside but I’m feeling “Christmassy”. My Tree is up. I have a box of Charlie Brown Christmas cards ready to be addressed and sent. Gifts are bought. True to form, my husband has given me mine early. A Keurig Coffee Maker. That thing has more controls than the space shuttle. […]

I am Thankful ‘Black Friday’ Weekend is OVER.

I have tried to brace myself for this moment. I knew it was coming since Halloween. The Frenzy. The Annoying Commercials. It is Here. Black Friday. In my mind, it is appropriately named, not for the original allusion to the financial expression of ‘being in the black’ as a good sales day could put a […]

Remember September 3rd and Happy Fourth

(Blogger Note: I write this fully aware half of my views come from beyond the United States’ borders. Please, bear with me.) Bar-B-Q, Fireworks, Pool Parties, AND The Fourth of July. Every school child knows July 4th is Independence Day. Recent commercialization has contracted it to just ‘The Fourth”. (I think that’s because I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E is […]