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Year One

This week marks one year of blogging. As I originally wrote in the ‘About’ section of the blog, I still do not know the nature of a blog. I write what I’m thinking. Loosely themed around writing, editing, publishing or any literary topic in general. My modest postings have garnered many supportive comments and re-posts. […]

NaNoWriMo got me started but…

It is the middle of November. Turkey Day is around the corner and ‘Black Friday‘ Ads are already running. For those of you participating in the National Novel Writing Month event, it also means you are at the halfway mark. I haven’t left the starting position. I came across NaNoWriMo through posts and social media […]

National Novel Writing Month…am I brave enough?

November is National Novel Writing Month.(Yep! It was news to me, too.) Writing a novel in a month sounds crazy impossible and recklessly fun. I saw a post on NaNoWriMo (not-so-short for National Novel Writing Month) on Catherine, Caffeinated (see why it’s good to read other people’s blogs). However, on her post she rants against […]