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Ohmy Ima Beta

My First Experience as a Beta Reader The term ‘beta reader‘ is completely new to me. All I knew about “beta” was the fish and beta testing video games and computer programs. I am published through a small press with two internal editors. Until very recently, I hadn’t realized there were different kinds of editors: […]

The Shrinking Empire of the Publishing House

Hail to the Do-It-Yourself’er [Disclaimer: I have a day job. I don’t support myself with my writing. I just have a great time doing it.] Anyone can publish. I know because I have. My literary training consists of enjoying books. So I write books I would like to read. I have no formal training in […]

Be Mine (Reviewer)?

I am six months old…as an author. Well, published for six months anyway. I’ve been writing for years. (Just didn’t realize I was writing a book until it was finished.) Last February, my debut novel ‘Solstice Night‘ was released. In the weeks building up to the release, my publisher and I did our best to […]

Book Covers: A Question of DIY

Book Covers: A Question of DIY

My non-linear path in life has given me experience, and some expertise, in creating visual graphics. However, I am not a graphic designer. As authors, we like having control over every detail of our creation, or at least I do (maybe, I’m a little obsessive). Stating that, I promise I did not intend to take […]

Good(Reads) Friends

Good Reads is a great site to discover books, review books and promote your own work. The groups are full of fun, energetic people, who so far have been quit supportive. Through Good Reads, I have connected readers and discovered a few new authors myself. I ‘friended’ Doug, editor of eFiction Magazine. His magazine, recently […]

A Raven Like a Writing Desk

Things never begin as you expect. I went to school to be a designer. I began writing as a way to relax. Grad school kept my mind busy, but I needed a way to unwind. So I wrote down the little stories I came up with in my overtaxed mind. Once I had a few […]