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Poor Man’s Time Machine

This is the week I spend trying to remember if I changed the time on that specific clock. The smart thing would be to change all the clocks at the same time, but where is the challenge in that? The US citizen – at least those not stuck working a weekend night shift – rejoices […]

There are (Worms) in my (Refrigerator)……..context

(This is the odd way my mind works. For those who know me, you understand.) This post is about the importance of context and the odd revelations when it is left out. I’ve started a sci-fi fantasy (yes, with romance…hey! love is universal 🙂 ) As I write, I get to create new worlds, creatures […]

Return to Writing

No new ‘Blog’ as it were, this week. Instead, I re-read some of my ongoing projects. I updated the ‘Writing Desk’ page with the prologue of a story I am working on. The title is ‘Refuge’ at the moment. I try to write everyday (even if it is just developing the story in my head). […]