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2013 Calendar – Books To Look Forward To

As stated many times before, I am an unabashed fan of books. I read tons of books. (Literally, around 100 a year.) Keeping track of my favorite authors, favorite series, and new releases is a challenge. My local library and the internet are great resources – if I can remember to check them periodically. Almost […]

My Book is NOT like Twilight

My vampires are not in High School. My vampires have fangs and do not sparkle. My vampires would eat Edward Cullen’s face. There, now I feel better. I have actually read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight trilogy. Bella is much more likable in the books. The books appeal to the teenage angst and awkwardness we all experienced. […]

Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

How come you can tell someone everything that happens in a movie and they will still go to see it, but giveaway the plot of a book and they will NEVER read it? The artistic mediums are different. When you watch a movie there are special effects, the musical score and yummy actors. I understand, […]

So, Mom….I wrote a Vampire Romance

I’ll begin with saying I have a very supportive family. They are kind and church-going but not too judgmental. Both of my parents encouraged reading. I grew up with the classics like C. S. Lewis and Tolkien. My older sister is even named ‘Alia‘ after the character in Frank Herbert’s Dune. With all that given, […]