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I Used to Know That

I attended a public school in rural Appalachia. I had excellent teachers and I had full faith in my education…until I started college. Suddenly enrolled in a major university, I was self-conscious my humble schooling would be lacking when stacked up against larger schools with greater access to technology. (Yes, kids I attended a school […]

This is not a Political Post

I am not posting about my candidate’s success or failure. It is, honestly none of your business whom I voted for. (I don’t care who you voted for either.) If you desire to read politically polarizing posts, I suggest Facebook. There you are guaranteed to find something to: agree with, curse at or laugh at. […]

Remember September 3rd and Happy Fourth

(Blogger Note: I write this fully aware half of my views come from beyond the United States’ borders. Please, bear with me.) Bar-B-Q, Fireworks, Pool Parties, AND The Fourth of July. Every school child knows July 4th is Independence Day. Recent commercialization has contracted it to just ‘The Fourth”. (I think that’s because I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E is […]