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Fall is the best and seemingly shortest season.The anticipation of Winter makes temperate days feel fleeting and the spectacle of Fall Colors even more temporal. The holidays that occupy the latter half of the season demand our full focus and attention – making time passes even faster. But as Christina Applegate said in her SNL […]

Point-of-View, Where do you stand?

In my last book, Thrush my editor told me, I ‘head-hopped’ too much. I tended to shift which character I was focusing on during a scene. This caused confusion.We worked back and forth to clean-up the writing. I honestly didn’t even realize I was writing that way until she commented on it. So far everything […]

Why do we Hate our Heroes?

I have tortured, beaten and murdered. I have starved, neglected and abandoned. I don’t know what compels me to do these things. Why I feel they have to happen. And I have done these things to those whom I care for. I love my characters, so why do I make ‘bad things’ happen to them. […]

When You Write Too Much

This week I was a guest blogger on Romance Junkies. I wrote about the differences in short stories and my first ‘FREE READ’. You can visit my post live or read below. +++ There are two natures to the Short Story: The Independent and The Companion. The Independent is a self-contained universe. The story requires […]


My signature has changed at key turning points in my life. When I learned cursive in school, my name changed from blocky print to deliberate strokes. I took my husband’s last name when I got married. Yet, I still answer to my maiden name without hesitation. I practiced my pen name before my book was […]

Return to Writing

No new ‘Blog’ as it were, this week. Instead, I re-read some of my ongoing projects. I updated the ‘Writing Desk’ page with the prologue of a story I am working on. The title is ‘Refuge’ at the moment. I try to write everyday (even if it is just developing the story in my head). […]

A Name is Being…examples

On my last Wednesday Post, I went into how I name my characters. I try to choose a name that ‘IS’ the character. The name’s meaning is a core quality of the character. Also, the name should reflect some of the origin of the character. I have no set rules, but the name should feel […]