I haven’t discovered the true nature of a blog, yet.

Am I supposed to tell you what I am think? Why would you care? I could post opinions, funny stories, or cool places I have gone on the internet. I suppose I will write a combination of all of the above. A friend of mine said that emails and blogs would become to our generation what hand-written letters were to past generations. Historians know a lot about the everyday life of America’s Founding Fathers from the letters Abigail Addams wrote her husband John Addams. I doubt some futurist anthropologist will ever pour over this; However, if you are…

I am a writer, designer, student and wife. I work very hard and my family is the most important thing to me. I love connecting with people. That is the main reason behind this blog. I want to give my readers the opportunity to learn about me, if they choose.

With that being said, here goes nothing..


5 comments on “About

  1. Hi Accidental Author–My name is Allison I wasn’t as brave as you were I self-published my book. But it seems we enjoy writing about the same genre. My book is called A Demon Love Story Part One: The Obsession. If you’d like to check out my somewhat amature blog please do. http://www.ademonlovestory.wordpress.com

    I wish you all the luck in the world on your book the trailer looks awesome!

  2. Hi Sirrom, I suppose a welcome to the writing industry is in order! I hope it doesn’t remain a secret identity much longer and that you get rave reviews on your forthcoming book! I feel bad for reviewers sometimes, because they get so little time to read the book and pump out an opinion; other times they’re just so delinquent it’s hard to sympathize. I like your book’s cover on Goodreads; I’ll keep an eye out for it!

  3. Hi there,
    Thanks for liking my post about blogging success. Your site already looks great – easy to navigate, personable, effective. Dark red is a stunning colour and emphasises your content.
    I’m a writer, too, but I find myself wanting to say “don’t try my latest book” – it isn’t paranormal or romantic! You’ll probably hate it!
    I’m on Goodreads, so drop in and say hi if you get time or I’ll do the same.

    Best wishes with everything,

  4. Amaya,
    I’ve written paranormal romance (so far) but I read EVERYTHING! I ‘ll look you up on GoodReads and check out your books.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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