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Have Fun for the Day

I didn’t write today because I was ‘busy’. I had work. I was tired. My computer was misbehaving…every excuse you can expect. But I love my blog. Posting here is fun and engaging. After properly reprimanding  myself, I vowed to post next week. Then my lovely, supportive husband asked sadly at dinner, “No blog today?” […]

Good(Reads) Friends

Good Reads is a great site to discover books, review books and promote your own work. The groups are full of fun, energetic people, who so far have been quit supportive. Through Good Reads, I have connected readers and discovered a few new authors myself. I ‘friended’ Doug, editor of eFiction Magazine. His magazine, recently […]

A Broken Foot Means You Don’t Have to Match Your Socks

I need a better story for how I broke my foot. Friends, co-workers, random people at the grocery store see my foot in a plastic orthopedic boot and ask “hurt your foot?”. I’m tempted to say ‘Nope, just like wearing ONE clunky boot’. I’ve also thought about telling each person a different story just to […]

Remember September 3rd and Happy Fourth

(Blogger Note: I write this fully aware half of my views come from beyond the United States’ borders. Please, bear with me.) Bar-B-Q, Fireworks, Pool Parties, AND The Fourth of July. Every school child knows July 4th is Independence Day. Recent commercialization has contracted it to just ‘The Fourth”. (I think that’s because I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E is […]