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Cute is Important

My mother always said the reason she didn’t kill us growing up was because we were ‘cute’. (That is also the reason my father has been spared through 30+ years of marriage.) Cute is purely an evolved survival technique. As annoyed as I was cleaning up once again after the new puppy; he was cute […]


Some weeks I don’t know what to write. For my topics, I observe the every day human condition, read new books, give updates on my writing or try to make some personal self-discovery. Often I either draw a blank or I have too many ideas but no idea of where to take them. Today is […]

A Broken Foot Means You Don’t Have to Match Your Socks

I need a better story for how I broke my foot. Friends, co-workers, random people at the grocery store see my foot in a plastic orthopedic boot and ask “hurt your foot?”. I’m tempted to say ‘Nope, just like wearing ONE clunky boot’. I’ve also thought about telling each person a different story just to […]