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I want this woman to be my Grandma

What’s worse? Your daughter writing paranormal romance…or your grandmother? I had my own apprehension and minor embarrassment when I revealed I wrote a book about ‘vampires having sex’. But I empathize with children of 70+ year old writer of “mommy porn” (that term makes me uncomfortable). Under the pen-name, Desiree Holt has published over 100 […]

Summer Reading

With temps pushing into the 90’s I’m feeling summer. May is melting away in the in yellow heat and even though the calendar says summer starts on June 21st, the pool deck calls me to pull out the swim suit. So while I lay by the pool -I know. It’s probably bad for me but […]

You’re Welcome Knoxville

Last week Amazon released its list of the most well-read cities in the United States. The online retailer ranked cities of 100,000+ by compiling sales data for books, magazines and newspapers. Alexandria, Virginia stayed the reigning champion but a bit of an upset took the number two slot. Amazon ranked Knoxville as the second most […]

Restless Reading

Have you ever had a day when you don’t know what you want to read? When you just can’t decide what mood you are in? Its like flipping through the channels on television. You start a chapter, the story stalls; you try another title. My fully loaded Kindle has afforded me of the luxury of […]

The Shrinking Empire of the Publishing House

Hail to the Do-It-Yourself’er [Disclaimer: I have a day job. I don’t support myself with my writing. I just have a great time doing it.] Anyone can publish. I know because I have. My literary training consists of enjoying books. So I write books I would like to read. I have no formal training in […]

‘All the Lovely Creatures’ Released

‘All the Lovely Creatures’ Released

  For those of you following along, we are on page three in our texts. Just kidding. But if you actually understood what I was talking about…Congratulations! You attended a school with real books. As I have mentioned before, I am currently collaborating with the GoodReads Group: Paranormal & Horror Lovers. In May, I initiated […]