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I am a standard unit of measure

I am fully aware that I am short. I am 5 feet 1 1/2 inches to be exact. Most people just round me down to 5 feet.

When describing the heights of other things, co-workers, friends, complete strangers seem to enjoy using me as a unit of measure. For example, “that wall is two Bethanys high”. Recently, at the vet I was telling the assistant about a GIANT German shepherd. I told her it was “as tall as me”. She didn’t seem to think that was very impressive.

Other key dimensions have special names: 12 inches is a ‘foot’, 3 feet make a ‘yard’. .. 5 feet will be a ‘Bethany”.

I think I should copyright this. If the United States won’t join the rest of the world and the metric system, maybe it will embrace, the ‘Bethany’.


One comment on “I am a standard unit of measure

  1. Aw that’s kind of bittersweet and sad in a way. I’ll vote for “Bethany” as a measurement standard if you want…

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