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New Release, New Anxiety

New Release, New Anxiety

My second release snuck up on me. (I’m not even sure how that’s possible.) Where as with my first novel – maybe because it was my first – the release seemed to stay at some undefined future date; my second quickly debuted, leaving me feeling unprepared. Thrush, is of a completely different vein than my […]

Something You Can Hold in Your Hand

One Month After my Book Release The day of my book release was slightly anti-climatic. It was ‘released’ digitally on February 26th, but not available as a paperback until February 29th. Having Leap Day as a release date was kind of neat. It’s a special, easy-to-remember day. However, I had nothing tangible to mark my […]

flood of identity

Any new author (and many veteran writers) is challenged with promoting the release of a new book. The Publisher has some tools, but for the self-published and small press the call goes out to the Author. I have decided to personally celebrate the situation. It places me in control of how my book is represented […]