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Book Covers: A Question of DIY

Book Covers: A Question of DIY

My non-linear path in life has given me experience, and some expertise, in creating visual graphics. However, I am not a graphic designer. As authors, we like having control over every detail of our creation, or at least I do (maybe, I’m a little obsessive). Stating that, I promise I did not intend to take […]

Have Fun for the Day

I didn’t write today because I was ‘busy’. I had work. I was tired. My computer was misbehaving…every excuse you can expect. But I love my blog. Posting here is fun and engaging. After properly reprimanding  myself, I vowed to post next week. Then my lovely, supportive husband asked sadly at dinner, “No blog today?” […]

Judge the Cover

“Chaos Children” is a stand alone short story that compliments my novel “Solstice Night”. The first draft of the story is complete and I hope to publish it as a free read next month. Writing this short gave me the chance to include information about the vampire underworld of ‘Solstice Night’ I had to edit […]