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Fall is the best and seemingly shortest season.The anticipation of Winter makes temperate days feel fleeting and the spectacle of Fall Colors even more temporal. The holidays that occupy the latter half of the season demand our full focus and attention – making time passes even faster. But as Christina Applegate said in her SNL […]

‘All the Lovely Creatures’ Released

‘All the Lovely Creatures’ Released

  For those of you following along, we are on page three in our texts. Just kidding. But if you actually understood what I was talking about…Congratulations! You attended a school with real books. As I have mentioned before, I am currently collaborating with the GoodReads Group: Paranormal & Horror Lovers. In May, I initiated […]

Point-of-View, Where do you stand?

In my last book, Thrush my editor told me, I ‘head-hopped’ too much. I tended to shift which character I was focusing on during a scene. This caused confusion.We worked back and forth to clean-up the writing. I honestly didn’t even realize I was writing that way until she commented on it. So far everything […]

Good(Reads) Friends

Good Reads is a great site to discover books, review books and promote your own work. The groups are full of fun, energetic people, who so far have been quit supportive. Through Good Reads, I have connected readers and discovered a few new authors myself. I ‘friended’ Doug, editor of eFiction Magazine. His magazine, recently […]

When You Write Too Much

This week I was a guest blogger on Romance Junkies. I wrote about the differences in short stories and my first ‘FREE READ’. You can visit my post live or read below. +++ There are two natures to the Short Story: The Independent and The Companion. The Independent is a self-contained universe. The story requires […]

Judge the Cover

“Chaos Children” is a stand alone short story that compliments my novel “Solstice Night”. The first draft of the story is complete and I hope to publish it as a free read next month. Writing this short gave me the chance to include information about the vampire underworld of ‘Solstice Night’ I had to edit […]