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You see the worst of me

Marriage vows cover the extremes. Richer or Poorer. Sickness and Health. But they don’t mention ‘when-your-wife-gets-off-work-and-changes-into-sweatpants’. I’m cute. Short, curvy, and can look pretty good when I try. For work, I have some professional, sophisticated outfits. “Meeting Days” I usually get especially dressed up with high-heels and maybe even mascara. Unfortunately, the husband only gets […]

Cute is Important

My mother always said the reason she didn’t kill us growing up was because we were ‘cute’. (That is also the reason my father has been spared through 30+ years of marriage.) Cute is purely an evolved survival technique. As annoyed as I was cleaning up once again after the new puppy; he was cute […]

Cavemen Don’t Text

Boys are gross. They are smelly. They are dirty. They have weird little sense of humors. That’s why they are boys. Men (if properly trained) are less gross, but deep down, they are still boys. Accept this Ladies. I willfully married a manly man. He likes to fish, watch sports (he still tries to teach […]