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Have Fun for the Day

I didn’t write today because I was ‘busy’. I had work. I was tired. My computer was misbehaving…every excuse you can expect. But I love my blog. Posting here is fun and engaging. After properly reprimanding  myself, I vowed to post next week. Then my lovely, supportive husband asked sadly at dinner, “No blog today?” […]

Wait…Wait…Don’t Tell Me

How come you can tell someone everything that happens in a movie and they will still go to see it, but giveaway the plot of a book and they will NEVER read it? The artistic mediums are different. When you watch a movie there are special effects, the musical score and yummy actors. I understand, […]


My signature has changed at key turning points in my life. When I learned cursive in school, my name changed from blocky print to deliberate strokes. I took my husband’s last name when I got married. Yet, I still answer to my maiden name without hesitation. I practiced my pen name before my book was […]

Know your Dealer

Well, that was embarrassing… A few weeks ago, I received an email stating my novel “Solstice Night” was Now Available at All Romance eBooks. As exciting as that sounds, I did not recognize the vendor. Nor did I know how they got my personal email address. I went to the site to investigate (probably not […]