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My Book is NOT like Twilight

My vampires are not in High School. My vampires have fangs and do not sparkle. My vampires would eat Edward Cullen’s face. There, now I feel better. I have actually read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight trilogy. Bella is much more likable in the books. The books appeal to the teenage angst and awkwardness we all experienced. […]

Judge the Cover

“Chaos Children” is a stand alone short story that compliments my novel “Solstice Night”. The first draft of the story is complete and I hope to publish it as a free read next month. Writing this short gave me the chance to include information about the vampire underworld of ‘Solstice Night’ I had to edit […]

Business Cards and a New Haircut

Procrastination. I don’t procrastinate regularly. But I do put off making decisions sometimes. I have long hair and often imagine cutting it really short. But I waffle on my decision so I put off going to the salon. Finally, instead of a having a clear confident choice, I just make myself go. Now my hair […]

50 Word Short Story Competition

50 Word Short Story Competition. This was an ingenius contest. Please see my modest (but winning) entry below:   Pen wondered if the impact would kill him. It was more an academic question. He lost sight of the surface. All he could see was blinding sky and dark earthen wall. He extended his arm again […]


A night spent with Charlaine Harris is always a good thing. The twelfth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series was released yesterday. I attempted to obtain a copy at midnight, but no local stores were hosting any kind of special release event (Shame on you Wal-Mart, Wallgreens, and Hastings). I suppose books – with Harry […]